At designer kitchens we aim to offer you the most diverse set of colours and fixtures as possible so that you can ensure you have put your own personal stamp on your kitchen. Whilst traditional colours of black and white are guaranteed to create a beautiful kitchen, we believe that we offer colours that can flatter all of our kitchen designs and lead to some stunning and interesting interior designs.

Brown is a popular alternative to a black or white kitchen, often co-ordinating better with a wood kitchen or a traditional shaker kitchen, creating a rustic and Tuscan feel. However, brown is not constricted to the more classic kitchen designs, with the wide range of hues and grain now on offer in granite and quartz stones, brown is being used beautifully in luxury German kitchens or more contemporary handle-less kitchen designs.

Brown creates a subtle and warm atmosphere, adding character to any room, big or small. Brown countertops integrate seamlessly with cream or white units and also wooden and wood veneer units. A lighter shade of brown will draw in natural light and uphold a fresh and country atmosphere in any living space, whilst a darker hue will create a richer and more opulent ambience, a reason it is often used in luxury kitchen designs. Brown compliments wood extremely well as it can be matched to draw out the veins and grains in particular woods and the co-ordination of colour creates a neat and deliberate effect, whilst still creating a natural aesthetic.

We can also design for you high gloss handle-less doors in a number of shades of brown. A contemporary alternative to wood units, we have designed some beautiful modern kitchens with brown units that are both unusual and interesting to the eye.

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