Black, along with white, is one of the most prominently used colours in kitchen designs. One of the reasons it is so popular is its versatility and ability to compliment beautifully almost any colour. Black can be incorporated into any kitchen in the form of a natural stone worktop, high gloss or matt handle-less doors or through subtle accents of kitchen appliances and fixtures. Luxury German kitchens give black an elegant, opulent and polished look, whilst more contemporary styles create a sleek and modern black kitchen. Black kitchens can be used to create either a traditional, rustic feel or a stylish, fashionable and up-to-date living space. Black kitchens can create a bold energy and a sophisticated and stylish atmosphere.

Traditional kitchens, such as shaker or wood kitchens, are complimented beautifully by black accents. Shaker kitchens are classic, innate and traditional, the black colour accentuating these qualities and creating a beautiful aesthetic for your living area.

High gloss kitchens often use black to tone down the reflective qualities in the gloss, as in some rooms with large amounts of natural lighting lighter colours could become overbearing. Combining these contemporary units with German kitchen emphasises the clean lines and simple structures of the units and creates a defined shape to your kitchen.

Matt Kitchens are most often created in a black colour, as it creates the most stylized look in this particular finish, creating a slick and tactile effect. Matt black kitchens will not reflect light, so will allow you to create a subtle atmosphere in a room that receives lots of natural light. Though matt kitchens are a relatively new concept, they are constantly growing in popularity and are used predominantly in contemporary kitchen designs. However, as the demand for matt kitchens grows, they are beginning to introduce more traditional detailing and options which are complimented beautifully by black colouring.

For kitchen worktops, there is a wide variety of choice of hues and styles of black, with options for a prominent grain or mirrored effects that mean that black does not have to be in any way boring. With such a high demand for black stone tops, there is a vast amount of choice from many different stone companies in both quartz stone and granite.

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