Wooden Kitchens

Wooden Kitchens

Wooden Kitchens

Wooden Kitchens are the most popular type of kitchen. Their structure allows us to craft all different types of kitchens. With core strength and the ability to easily diversify the look and wood is simply a perfect material when crafting kitchens.

Wooden kitchens style into many luxury kitchens. Designer Kitchens offers all of these, Shaker, German, High Gloss and many other styles designed using wood.

Different Coloured Wooden Kitchens

The types of materials we use to design these kitchens are:

Maple Wooden Kitchens

Maple is a stunning material. Its bright colours allows light to flourish in any kitchen. It also benefits from its strong and durable core. Maple is a popular choice for contemporary kitchens.

Cherry Wooden Kitchens

Cherry wood is possibly the most beautiful of all materials. Its stunning rich red colours enhance the look of your kitchen, to make it look beautiful and elegant. Cherry Wood kitchens are priced well, and a perfect investment. Due to their added natural furnishing, Maple kitchens are strong, durable and last longer than other materials. Cherry wooden Kitchens are a popular choice for traditional kitchens, they integrate well with natural granite worktops; however, their design is very versatile, allowing them to be developed into a contemporary style kitchen.

Veneer Wooden Kitchens

Veneer kitchens offer a painted wooden option for a kitchen, with a natural wooden grain. The veneer style integrates perfectly with light and dark colours, allowing you to design your kitchen in the way you want. The wooden grain within the material offers a natural appeal, which looks beautiful with a granite worktop and other traditional products. Although Veneer wood primarily has a natural look, colours can change the outlook of the kitchen. Painting the Veneer colours such as red or yellow, creates a contemporary look and feel to your kitchen. Therefore you can have a touch of convention to your modern kitchen.

Laminate Wooden Kitchens

High gloss laminate has one of the most competitive prices within the kitchen market. The structure of the material adds to its strength and durability. Gloss wood is commonly used in contemporary kitchens. The shine gives an aesthetically beautiful look. Designer kitchens craft these units to look sleek, neat and streamline. We also believe that your kitchen should be a long term investment, with this in mind we design the gloss with a semi-molten foil over the core of the wood, and once pressed together you have a water and heat resistant material.

Designer Kitchens have just finished fitting us a lovely kitchen. They impressed us at all stages of the process. We had some ideas about what we wanted but they were able to think outside the box and come up with ideas which no – one else did

– Jerry & Diane

Excellent service and super product.


-Mr & Mrs Craig

Elle’s advice throughout was most helpful & very professional. Her attention to detail was particularly impressive



-Sue & Sarah

I cannot thank the team at Designer Kitchens enough. To highlight Elaina in particular is easy to do. Her passion and attention to detail is refreshing and we are delighted we put our trust in her to design and fit our dream kitchen. Thank you!!!!


-Nick & Maria

Very happy with service for Elle – any mishaps were dealt with very professionally and quickly. Would always recommend to friends for future.

-Mr & Mrs Solomou


They Designed the Kitchen for our new build home, very happy with it and even when I have silly questions about the ovens a year later they are still helping me, can’t recommend enough!