At Designer kitchens, we believe that the colour of your kitchen will allow you to create a style and impression.

Crème is a very popular colour to use in kitchens. Crème offers an uplifting feeling. It can be used brilliantly when integrated with Granite worktops. Crème Kitchens are typically traditional kitchens. This traditional look is enhanced by the Crème to create a country and bespoke look to your kitchen.

Shaker kitchens look stunning in Crème. The bright and positive effect looks elegant in traditional style. Crème doesn’t create a sharp look, which allows the kitchen to look organic and natural. White may create a sharper look, so Crème will offer more in this respect. Crème also works well with Granite worktops. You can also use a wide range of colours of granite to integrate with crème will allow you to diversify your kitchen in the way you like.

Wood looks stunning in Crème. The light colour allows the natural veins to flourish, which may be hidden with darker colours. Veneer is typically painted in crème, this will allow you to create that popular, natural look.

Crème may be a typical colour for traditional kitchens, however, the colour also works well with contemporary styles. German Kitchens will work well with crème as you can create a streamline kitchen that doesn’t look too sharp. Your German kitchen will look spacious and organised, but will also offer positive and uplifting emotions.
High Gloss Crème is also becoming popular. The Light and positive attributes to crème will allow the gloss to flourish. The High Gloss will also work well with granite, which may not be possible with other colours.

Crème can also work well with Quartz worktops. A popular look is to match a crème kitchen with a brown colour. This can create a mixture of traditional and contemporary attributes to your kitchen.

Why choose Crème?

Sometimes white can be too bright. And when you want a bright kitchen, crème can offer you a perfect balance. Crème can work well with all styles, while it leans towards traditional kitchens, it can be used to also create a balance between styles.

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