Cleaning Tips to Keeping a Stunning White High Gloss Kitchens

Nothing makes most women (and men) happy than seeing shiny items. It could be those sparkling diamonds on your ring or simply stunning white high gloss kitchens.

Speaking of kitchens, white kitchens bring a light, clean feeling to any household. Although some homeowners express concern regarding upkeep and keeping those cabinets from turning to the dark side, a white kitchen is timeless—it never goes out of style, be it traditional or contemporary.

In reality, the best way to keep that sparkle in your kitchen is to NEVER use it. However, who wouldn’t use their kitchens for food preparation and even dining?

If you insist on cooking, like many of us, you’re bound to encounter an accumulation of grease and stained worktops. The leftover food, a spilt drink or ingredients and smelly or sticky stuff, all are there.

This means having this kitchen type requires a great amount of maintenance responsibility. Cleaning is one of the very simple things to do.

But the truth is—you don’t have to go nuts in keeping your all-white kitchen spotless. You only need due diligence and a few helpful tips.

Contemporary high gloss Kitchens

The Basic

Use warm water and a piece of cloth for not-so-annoying dirt. For the best results, do this after cooking or food preparation. Don’t leave the grease or spills, solid or liquid, to sit and dry on the surface. They’ll be harder to remove once they’ve dried up, and you’ll end up possibly damaging your immaculate white high gloss furniture.

When cleaning high gloss kitchens, you need to be very careful. You wouldn’t want to leave any scratches on the surface or even the shiny surface fade.

Less is More

This can never be emphasised enough—AVOID furniture sprays, such as furniture polish or glass cleaners, or any chemicals. Glass cleaners are too corrosive. It could also cause the finish to deform. Additionally, silicone-based cleaners could leave a greasy film over the surface, which could be almost impossible to remove.

Load Up on Necessary Cleaning Supplies

Your cleaning kit should be composed of the following:

  • a pack of soft microfibre cloths
  • a spray bottle filled with pure clean water
  • a feather duster
  • ‘glass & polishing’ e-cloth (optional)

Day-to-day cleaning requires merrily wiping away all the glossy furniture using a feather duster. By doing this, you’ll be removing the accumulated surface dust.

In case you have been very messy—or busy—during the day and there happen to be tons of fingerprints on the surface, whip out your e-cloth. This lifesaver eliminates greasy marks, leaving the surface looking good as new.

high gloss kitchens

How to Tackle Spills

As mentioned earlier, don’t allow any food or liquid to dry up on your glossy surface. Immediately wipe it off using a dry, soft, absorbent microfibre cloth. In case of particularly stubborn or sticky spills, spray with a bit of water on the affected area. Then use your e-cloth for a more intense cleaning experience.

Remember that your glossy surface is white. Speed is of the essence Imagine spilling red wine on a white surface, and it dries overnight. The next, you’d be disappointed at a pinking mark on your once-immaculate surface.

Watch out where you place hot pans or pots or even the kettle. Carelessness could potentially ruin the finish on the surface. You can always ask your dealer or installer for a protective film for long-term use.

The Finishing Touch

If you notice some residual water after you’ve cleaned the surface, get a dry, soft microfibre cloth and clean the area until it is dry. This will give your glossy surface a lovely shine.

Remember not to leave water to air dry because this will just leave unattractive water streaks.

high gloss kitchens


Keep you high gloss kitchens looking good as new by keeping in mind the following:

  • For day-to-day cleaning, simply wipe with a soft microfibre cloth or feather duster.
  • Use an e-cloth (or soft microfibre cloth) to wipe fingerprints and marks away.
  • For a deeper clean, spray with water and clean with a soft microfibre cloth or an e-cloth, and then dry with another dry and soft cloth.
  • Immediately wipe any liquid spills.
  • Use clean water and wipe with an e-cloth for more sticky spills.
  • Don’t leave water to air dry. Instead, dry with a dry microfibre cloth.
  • Never use any chemical-based cleaners. All you need is pure water for a deeper cleaning.

Finding the Right Kitchen Style for You: Gloss or Matt Kitchen Finish

Kitchen remodelling could be a fun or daunting task, whether you’re simply upgrading the worktop or the cabinets or you’re completely keeping up with the latest season’s décor.

One significant decision you will have to make is choosing between a high gloss and a matt kitchen finish. Some homeowners immediately know which of the two they prefer, while for others, it’s not quite clear.

Both finishes could be as perfect and beautiful as your home’s heart, although the decision entirely rests upon your personal preference.

Don’t worry. This article will help you make the right decision.

Let’s have a look at whether a matt or a high gloss finish could be just right for you and your home.

A high gloss kitchen

If you prefer a more sophisticated beauty, then gloss is your answer. It offers a lustrous finish and is ideal for modern and contemporary designs. In fact, it has been exceptionally popular since the 1970s.

Although high gloss can be a bit tricky to perfectly style, a well-designed high gloss kitchen could be more than spectacular.


modern highgloss purple and white schmidt kitchen

Can match and blend with other colours

While gloss impeccably works in a smaller number of colours, it can still be perfect if you want your kitchen in luxurious black.

You might be concerned with black being a bit too much, a bit too dark or a bit too over-the-top.

But no!

There’s plenty of light reflected on the surface, even from darker colours. Even though you want to experiment with darker hues, you’ll still benefit from the reflection.

The amazing black gloss finish in the kitchen below retains spacious depth and feel of a contemporary kitchen. Although the colour is black, the space doesn’t feel cramped, thanks to the light reflected on the glossy surface.

high gloss kitchen cabinet a pop of colour

Abundance of light

If you’re looking to maximise your kitchen space, a high gloss finish could be perfect.

Its shiny surface reflects light coming from the outside or from light fixtures into and across the kitchen, creating the illusion of a larger space and making the room feel bigger than what it actually is.

This is especially true when you opt for lighter colours such as cream white, although these aren’t your only options.

However, caution should be taken when combining different colours with gloss.

Remember that the surface reflects light. This means the surface will reflect all the colours in your kitchen. So, when you experiment with contrasting colours, be prepared to a space with mesh of clashing colours.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

One of the fascinating qualities that make high gloss ideal among homeowners is that it’s fairly easy to clean.

Yes, it is true that fingerprints, smudges and other imperfections can be visible on glossy surfaces. However, note that these imperfections are not easily noticeable on high-quality glossy finishes.

Still unconvinced?

How about considering handleless high gloss kitchen cabinets?

Is a handleless high gloss finish the best choice for you?

Some homeowners are put off the idea of choosing a glossy finish because of the fact that fingerprints and other marks can show up prominently on the surface. If your heart is set on this glossy finish, yet you can’t stand the idea of having to constantly wipe off stains and other marks, there is another more appealing option.

Kitchen cabinets and cupboards with handles can easily attract smudges and dirt, simply because people will be touching these surfaces. Additionally, this all accumulates around the handles, the most awkward place, making cleaning a pain.

However, all these can be avoided with handleless kitchen cabinets.

As the name implies, these cabinet styles have no front handles that we often see on regular cabinet doors. Although various options are available, a “true handleless” type is created by recessing a solid stainless steel channel in the top line of the cabinet, creating a gap for your fingers between the top of the drawer or door and worktop’s underside.

Your fingers should curl around the surface edge and onto the back of the drawer or door, pulling it forward to open.

Benefits. This style allows you to create a streamlined, uncluttered look. The best part of this is that there are no handles where children can hang from or accidentally bang their head.

Understanding the diverse gloss materials

A glossy finish can be achieved with a wide number of materials. You can easily find and get what you are shooting for.

You have gloss glass, gloss laminate and even gloss acrylic. Whatever your heart desires, there’s plenty of options.

Matt kitchen finish

Unlike high gloss’ reflective surface, matt instead absorbs light and doesn’t reflect it. This means you’ll have a flat stylish look, which can be ideal for anything from country-style properties to traditional designs.

However, its simplicity also lends to a more contemporary style. Matt finish tends to have a more slightly warmer and consistent feel than gloss.

rempp matt lacquered kitchen

Hides marks and other imperfections

Much like gloss, matt surfaces are relatively easy to clean. However, an additional benefit provided by this particular finish is that it’s much better at hiding any imperfections on the surface.

Not only is matt scratch resistant, but also fingerprints, smudges and other marks are less noticeable on its surface. This is highly ideal for households with children. It means that you can get more out of life since the surface will remain in exceptional condition for a long period of time.

Broader colour variety

Compared with gloss, matt finishes offer a broader variety of colours. This lets you mix two colours more easily, which can be very beneficial if you have a specific palette in mind.

And yes! It’s true that matt finishes easily blend quite well with other surfaces and materials, including gloss.

Some homeowners initially prefer having a glossy finish, but then they opt for matt when they find out that they can easily get what they’re actually looking for.

In general, matt finishes work with a wider range of properties and may be more naturally suited to the aesthetic of your home. In the example below, the dark matt surfaces sit perfectly alongside the wooden cabinets and worktop.

Textured or smooth

If you do set your heart with a matt finish, another decision you will have to face are the kinds of material to use. This often boils down to a smooth or a textured finish.

Although textured surfaces look more stunning in any kitchen, it should be noted that they’re more prone to packing dust and dirt. Frequent cleaning might be needed.

However, there is no right or wrong answer as to which is better for your home. Just opt for one that is ideal for the way you live.

If you don’t want regularly clean and is keeping a busy household, then a smooth finish could be the way to go.

Appearing elegant and luxurious

What makes matt perfect for a minimalist is its understated elegance. Check out the example below.

matt kitchen finish

On matt surfaces, colours will appear solid from all angles. Your kitchen will definitely have a smooth-looking surface, regardless of time of day. In glossy surfaces, the colour and appearance dramatically change depending on the time of day and the amount of reflected light.

Matt is best when combined with other features

Unlike the striking and attention-grabbing appearance of gloss, matt leans more on the naturally muted look. That doesn’t mean that matt has a boring or flat look. Rather, matt works perfectly either as the centrepiece or a stunningly beautiful backdrop, complementing the other bolder features of your kitchen.

When you take this into account and the fact that matt comes in a wide range of materials and colours, this proves that a kitchen such as this could appeal to almost every type of taste and style—versatility being its strongest suit.

For example, a more dramatic backlash could be set against a matt finish.

So which is the right one for your home?

This technically depends on your personal taste and lifestyle. If you don’t mind seeing fingerprints now and then or constant clean up isn’t an issue, then we recommend a high gloss finish.

However, if you want to hide any imperfections and if there are kids in the house, opt for a matt kitchen finish.

Note that you need to factor in the quality of the kitchen material and finish in your decision as well. By working with reputable and high-quality suppliers, you are assured that your kitchen finish will last for a very long time.

How to Stylishly Incorporate a Dining Area in Small Kitchens

Every kitchen needs its own dining area, but what if your space isn’t enough for a standard-sized dining set? Take some time to re-evaluate your small space and start thinking creatively.

Your kitchen, no matter the size, can be practical and stylish at the same time. Borrow some of these clever ideas on how you could incorporate your very own dining area, even with in a small kitchen.


A table for two
Working with a kitchen layout that’s only wide enough to squeeze in a few cabinets on one side, and a small empty space on the other, can be a bit tough for some home owners. However, with careful planning, a compact eating area can be placed in the room.

Estimate the table size that can perfectly fit the space without blocking any cupboard doors or alley way. Also, it is wise to pick a couple of lightweight chairs that are easy enough to move so you can re-arrange them whenever you want. This allows you to have sufficient area for dining, without having to occupy too much space.


Something narrow and lean
A long, rectangular worktop could also be used as your dining space, like this one. What’s more is that you could double it as a work surface when preparing ingredients. Choosing a narrow unit ensures that there’s still plenty of space to walk around the area; it’s both stylish and functional!


Sacrifice some cupboards space
Are you desperate to have somewhere to sit but can’t squeeze in any table in the room? Then you might have to sacrifice your cupboard so you can slide in a couple of high stools. You can save so much space by doing this trick! The only problem is, this idea is easy enough to accomplish when dealing with a new layout, but overhauling an existing kitchen space could be a little more difficult.


Go for an overhang worktop
Another simple yet very effective method to incorporate a dining space in your kitchen is to extend the worktop, as it allows enough overhang to fit two stools underneath. Remember that this isn’t about creating lots of dining space, but rather, transforming your functional kitchen into a friendly and stylish area.


Keep it simple yet relaxing
To avoid a small kitchen from feeling too cluttered and messy, stick to a muted colour scheme with lots of natural elements. Keep the design sleek by placing a simple table near a tall window that allows plenty of light to flow around the room. Also, bring in numerous plants to give that relaxing vibe.

With a bit of creative thinking and lots of planning, you can definitely squeeze in a stylish dining space in your small kitchen!

5 Popular Kitchen Worktops To Use In Your Home

It is not an easy task to choose the right kitchen worktop for your kitchen since there are so many choices right at your fingertips. This surface area can be the most influential area of the kitchen because it can easily dictate the atmosphere of the place. However, it is necessary to choose something that will look good on your kitchen and of course if it would suit your budget.

To help you with your search, here are some of the popular worktop materials that you can have for your kitchen:


Granite Kitchen Worktops. Granite is a popular stone that can be found in different colours, unique grains and customizable finishes. It is the most durable options for worktops in the market today although prices may still depend on the different slabs available and the difficulty found in installing them.


Marble Kitchen Worktops. For those who are in love of white kitchens, choosing marble offers great choices. Marble is mostly known for the patina it creates and not actually for its durability. It can scratch and stain easily since it is softer than granite but the classic look it provides makes this kitchen worktop a perfect companion in kitchens.


Wood Kitchen Worktops. While some think that wood as worktops does not go well together but with the right high-quality wood and with the right sealer, wood can make for a long lasting and beautiful worktop.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Worktops. This kind of worktop is mostly preferred by professional chefs because it does not easily stain, it is heat resistant and is easy to clean. This kitchen is a great choice for hardworking kitchens and even most affordable than other stone counters.


Eco-friendly Kitchen Worktops. There are a lot of ways to make your kitchen eco-friendly. All you need to do is to do a little research and you can find different materials to make this a reality. You can choose bamboo, salvaged wood and even Bio-Glass to create that green eco-friendly worktop.

Learn about the different kinds of worktops when you visit Designer Kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Design Inspirations

Whether you’re revamping your current kitchen, or building a new one for a newly acquired property, planning the perfect kitchen design is never easy. There are massive decisions to make and tons of design materials to choose from.

To make things easier for you, we have gathered some of the most contemporary kitchen designs to help you get some ideas, inspirations, and concepts for your own space!


Dark & Dramatic
Most home owners prefer their kitchens to have bright colours and light aesthetics, but this kitchen design stands out from the rest because of its dramatic vibe. With its black appliances, dark wood units and brick flooring, the overall look of this room is perfectly balanced.


The Minimalist
This modern kitchen has plenty of storage space. The sleek black and white island, the towering matte black cabinets, the strikingly white cupboards, and the subtle hints of earth accents around the room blended well with each other. Everything about this space has been carefully put into place to create an ultra-modish kitchen area.


Multi-purpose Space
Without having a formal dining room, the owner of this kitchen opted to acquire a multi-purpose island which can be utilized for both dining and food preparation. Marble worktops, tall benches, and neutral coloured units enhanced the contemporary feel of this room. While the flowers and the view from the outdoor garden made this space extremely light and cosy.


Industrial Styled Space
Elongated breakfast bar, open shelving, and bold-coloured chairs were incorporated in this striking room. For an extra organic element, wooden sculptures were also placed, generating a modern gallery vibe.


Small White Kitchen
Though the space isn’t quite that big, keeping things organized and well tucked away made it look a whole lot bigger. The white walls, units, and cabinets, as well as the light and earth toned accessories resulted to a contemporary kitchen with a classic twist. The perfect design to go for when you’re still living in a rented home.


Light and Airy
A kitchen area with a gorgeous view for a backsplash like this one, is definitely not a bad idea. In fact, it makes the room seem more homey. Light coloured worktops and cabinets keeps the room from looking too contemporary as well; it’s the perfect balance between modern and classic kitchen scheme.

Uplift the mood and vibe of your kitchen with these contemporary design inspirations!

Great Ideas for Small Kitchens

Even the tiniest of kitchen spaces need to go big when combining design and function. No matter how awkwardly shaped your space is, there are plenty of design hacks you could utilize to make the most of its potential!

Be inspired with these ideas to make wonders out of a minuscule room.


Store them up high
A clever way of adding more storage into any small kitchen is to mount cabinets high up the walls. To give it a bit of a modern vibe, place some bold chairs in a contrasting color for that interesting twist.


Open storage display
Incorporate some built-in open shelves in your kitchen wall for added design and storage unit. You could place some neutral-toned or vibrantly-coloured cutlery and some kitchen accessories to revamp plain kitchenware into chic display.


Bespoke cupboard
A well designed storage space is much more capable of storing goods. It can be used to stockpile almost everything; from kitchen equipment to food supplies and even your china wares. An all-in-one storeroom is perfect for kitchens with smaller spaces for it keeps everything neat and organized.


Industrial-style Kitchen
Kitchens with condensed spaces can still look edgy and stylish. The perfect way to go for if you want to upgrade your kitchen’s aesthetic is to integrate industrial pieces with Shaker-style elements for a harmonized look.


Highlight some colour
A dash of vibrant colours is the best choice for adding dramatic character into any tiny space. The room might be small, but it can still have some appeal. Matte shades can really stand out against white backdrop; choose one tone that highlights the design features of your kitchen area.

Get the most out of diverse elements, textures, and colours to produce stunning style combinations into your small kitchen space.

How to Create an Industrial Themed Kitchen Space

Wanting to create an industrial style kitchen, but not sure where to start? These ideas will help you accomplish the look you’ve been longing for!

Instead of the usual monochrome look, go for an edgier look by utilizing vintage and metal raw materials, as well as reclaimed wooden furniture to boost up the style.


The key materials
The trademark materials for an industrial interior are metal, wood, and brick (optional for it could not be applied to some). One kitchen setting can blend all of these materials to add an outstanding effect.


Luxurious focal point
Merge wood with steel plus an additional sparkle by mounting up a magnificent chandelier as the centerpiece. This particular design offers an alluring and romantic vibe to this otherwise modernly rough kitchen scheme. Remember to keep other elements as neutral as possible to achieve utmost impact.


Huge window frames
Massive window frames can add a certain vibe into any room. It also allows natural light the flood the entire area, thus creating a balance between dark and edgy to light and airy.


Soft features
Industrial interior does not have to be dark and gloomy. You could also go for a light-themed industrial kitchen by mixing steel, washed out wood, and some light coloured kitchen appliances, as well as accessories to equalize things.


Balance it up
Put together an industrial kitchen with a bit of coziness in it by incorporating softer elements. Fresh flowers, pastel-coloured accessories, a bit of fabric, and some light-toned ceramic objects can definitely soften up the rough feel of metallic pieces in this room, creating a more relaxed mood.


Feature wall
If you don’t want to go for an all-out brick finish, pick a wall you want to expose and make everything else plain and light-toned for the ultimate finish. The contrasting effect still looks as stunning.


Homey Feel
Fuse metals and wood without making them appear too rugged. If you want to join in a softer take on the industrial trend, go for the smooth brick-shaped tiles, mismatched wooden chairs, light-toned metals, with lots and lots of plants for a cozy feel.

Try out these simple ways to stylishly refurbish and achieve an appealing industrial kitchen space!

Elegant Ways to Design Kitchen Open Shelving

Organize your open shelves for a kitchen that looks tastily alluring. Truth be told, bringing together recipe ingredients, pots, pans, and essential cutlery on structured open shelving keeps them pretty handy.

Planning what you put on your shelves and hiding the less-used utensils in kitchen cupboards can turn it into an instant display of art, as well as useful storage.


The library of recipes
Books can also be placed in kitchen shelves. While most people keep their books in the living room, recipe books however, are meant to be placed in the kitchen.


All-white plan
A timeless failsafe design is by merging items of one colour, for it generates a cohesive look. China wares of different shapes and sizes could be fused together to make a chic display of majestic white.


Practicality is the key
When thoughtfully organized, even the most practical kitchen utensils can look fascinating. Just remember to place each item with sufficient space in between rather than a messy chaos to make an attractive scene.


Display your goods
Dried goods placed in clear glass jars could look really eye-catching. Look for inexpensive glass jars and place labels on each one of them with the corresponding expiration date, before placing them on your shelves for everyone to look at.


Classic monochrome
A classic design of black and white can make your shelves look of tidy and in order. This mostly means you could build a more cluttered display, which would still look pleasant.


Earth tones
A collection of lovely ceramics and pottery would look gorgeous when placed on open shelves. Chunky pieces can be set side by side, while smaller dishes can be piled in. Now you have the perfect place to display those random travel buys.


Keep things tidy
A well-ordered arrangement of cutlery creates a feeling of balance in any  kitchen,and it also make it look more contemporary. Dark painted wall behind the shelves can also help the glassware and other pieces to stand out, which will then produce an even better sense of the consistency.

Open shelves allows you to bring subtle details and colours to your space by displaying your favourite pieces.

Make Your Kitchen a More Sociable Space

Almost all the best gatherings happen in the kitchen, so why not make it more than just a place to cook and dine?

Here are some of the best ideas on how to create an appealing and welcoming space for your family and friends to hangout!


Keep it really cozy
Most people are not so keen on hanging out in huge rooms, so make your kitchen feel as inviting as possible. Not only will it draw people onto it, but it also makes everyone feel at ease and comfortable.


Combine both spaces
If your dining area is also in your kitchen, maximize its potential by making it the focal point of your home. This works particularly when you’re a fan of entertaining guests. You’ll be amazed at how many people you can accommodate, regardless of the available space.


Casual seating area
Another ideal way to welcome guests is by placing a comfy couch in your kitchen. They won’t be in much hurry to leave! There’s just something about sofas that make them welcoming. You don’t even need an enormous kitchen to fit one in.


The hang-out bar
If you don’t have enough space to fit a dining table in your small kitchen; you can always include a spot where all your family member and guests can chat while you prepare the meal. This idea is a space-saver, plus, a great way for people to connect.


Open on the outdoors
If your kitchen space is positioned alongside the outdoors, make the most out of it by opening the area. Fit some clear doors so that natural light can still effortlessly enter the room even if you close it during windy/rainy days.


Room with a great view
Think carefully about the view you’ll want to have upon planning your kitchen. Position your kitchen along your terrace, garden, or balcony for a fail-safe focal area. Mount some huge windows or glazed doors so everyone can appreciate the great view outside.


Brighten up the place
Only a few amount of people wants to spend time in a dark and gloomy room, especially when eating a meal. Making your kitchen feel as light and airy as possible can lift up the mood.

Paint your space with light or pale shades so natural light would bounce back. Also consider getting rid of certain walls in your kitchen as it can open up the space even more. Don’t forget to include a mirror or two, as these can be beneficial in reflecting light around the room.

Why settle in a dull, gloomy space when you can achieve a relaxing and appealing one? Try out these amazing designs and make your kitchen a more sociable place to be!