At Designer Kitchens we craft all types of Luxury Kitchens. One of these being the elegant Shaker Style Kitchen. Shaker Kitchens have a timeless appeal. Their complexions boast stunning wooden units with intricately crafted patterns to satisfy both traditional and contemporary styles within your kitchen.

Shaker Kitchens are completely bespoke, allowing you to add a twist to the design. The Shaker Style can vary from elegant white units to luxury walnut. No matter what material or colour the Shaker Kitchen is always authentic and beautifully crafted.

The durability of the Shaker Kitchen is second to none. With both looks and durability it will add endless quality to your kitchen.

Why choose Shaker style kitchens?

Shaker Kitchens are simply stunning. They boast traditional qualities. They integrate beautifully with granite worktops as well as quartz. Shaker kitchens are more than a kitchen. They are an investment as well as an opportunity to create a country look in a modern home.

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