Round kitchens offer an unusual contemporary twist on the traditional kitchen layouts. Smooth, gentle curves reduce the harshness of a high gloss white kitchen, or bring a modern edge to a traditional style kitchen. There is something refreshing about a kitchen that does not feature sharp angled interiors and the flowing natural forms create a relaxed energy in the room.

We offer a wide range of round units, available in a variety of materials and in a multitude of colours. Round kitchens look great in both spacious areas or more compact living spaces and a round island unit makes an artistic centrepiece for your kitchen.

At Designer Kitchens we offer a variety of options for both base and wall units. Whether you are working with a large space or a more compact area, a curved kitchen design can be tailored to fit for you. In larger kitchens the combination of both types of units can be combined to create an intriguing curved, flowing appearance. In smaller kitchens, there are a range of curved features, including round end panels and full size round cabinets available in smaller depths. Both large and small round kitchens impact can be enhanced by installing handle-less round units, available in both high gloss and matt finishes.

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