Rempp Jutland Kitchen Range

Incomparable contemporary design and dependably comfort, as well as broad and solid wood frames with anti Kober area and solid fill.

Jutland Spruce Patina White Antique

As a result of the hand-wiped white patina, the solid elegant wood gets a comfortable contemporary surface. With its spaciousness, it could be used in combines for food preparation and dining, and with its glass combination it gets an eternal vitality.

Jutland Spruce Cappucino Antique

Creating kitchens with elegance, distressed markings, and with a dash of vitality and stylishness. Doors with handapplied patina and thick frame drawers emphasize the cozy country style home. The nostalgic feel of an open wooden units, built-in stove, and lattice doors reflects this style and expresses its comfortable feeling.

Jutland Spruce Grey Antique

Hand-crafted frame fronts with traditional grey surfaces represent durability and sturdiness. The natural material is accentuated by the worktop made from a genuine stone.

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