At Designer Kitchens we are renowned for our wide range of high gloss kitchens, available in a variety of finishes and colours. Importing from world renowned companies such as Bauformat in Germany and Cuisines Schmidt in France, the kitchens that we offer our customers are of the best quality available in the market. In the past few years we have seen a sharp increase in demand for bolder and brighter kitchen aesthetics. This can be a fun and fashionable update for any style of kitchen, creating a vibrant contemporary living space.

We offer a selection of four finishes: Foil, Acrylic, Lacquer and glass – all of which can be manufactured in our handle-less kitchen designs. We can also offer you multiple shades of red, from a deep burgundy red to an intense apple red, catering to all tastes and styles. Our high gloss red kitchen designs can also feature both concave and convex curved units, so we truly can create a kitchen that is ideal for you.

The Aesthetics of Designing High Gloss Red Kitchens

At Designer Kitchens we stock a vast range of high gloss red kitchens, but it is important to us that we tailor each kitchen to the individual needs of each customer. During the designing process, we carefully manage the aesthetics of the kitchen to reflect a customer’s personal taste and style.

Our partner company, The Marble Group, has a range of over 500 Quartz, Granite or Marble stone varieties kitchen worktops readily available for your kitchen, with employed specialists who are able to match the perfect colour and style to your high gloss red kitchen.

We offer a selection of world renowned stone manufacturers including Silestone and Caesarstone and a vast selection of granite tops that you can handpick yourself from our very own stone yard. We can also offer you splashbacks in a range of materials, including sourcing in Opticolour glass splashbacks, a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen.

We have designed styles of red high gloss kitchens to energize more compact spaces and to brighten up rooms where there is a lack of natural light. We have also created different styles of high gloss red kitchens that are better suited for bigger kitchens, kitchens with glass-fronts that receive lots of natural light or big open plan rooms. In fact we have designs for red high gloss kitchens that suit just about every type of kitchen available to you.

In previous jobs we have complimented red high gloss kitchens with sleek white worktops, matched the units with vibrant red quartz worktops or created a dramatic contrast with black granite worktops. We have complimented all of these choices with both stone and glass splashbacks, to create some truly remarkable living spaces.

We urge you to take the time to discuss your own ideas and visual requirements with one of our many designers and you will begin to gain a feel of how much of a priority we make your individual desires for your kitchen design. We assemble this information whilst drawing upon our own technical and aesthetic knowledge and understanding of the product in order to produce the highest quality designs that are accustomed to you.

Handle-less gloss red Kitchens

We offer high gloss red kitchen designs that include matching powder-coated red handle-less channels. If you wanted to create an impact and contrast your handle-less channels, we can offer them to you in stainless steel, or any powder-coated colour that you desire. The handle-loss gloss red kitchen creates a modern and directional visual with clean sharp lines and innovative spacing techniques. Handle-less gloss red kitchens can be used to create either a bold statement or a more subtle effect.

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