Real Stone Kitchens

This high quality and luxurious kitchen door finish produces a smooth elegance that could make a sophisticatedly dramatic impact on any home.

This is generally attributed to the highly luxurious look of the deeply textured door designs, yet you have to touch the door’s exterior to completely appreciate the rippling matt feature and the coarse stone texture.

The actual surprise of this door design is that it is engineered from genuine stone, or more specifically, from a real slate. Based on this fact, you might assume it to be extremely heavy and dense. On the contrary, the slate surface has been modified into a few millimetres thick.

This makes it very lightweight and guarantees that drawers and cupboards can be easily opened and manageable. The back of the slate is secured with fibreglass for durability and strength, which is then fixed into a wood substrate and sealed to finish the door.

The end result of this stylish production process is a unique, functional, practical, and outstanding kitchen finish for everyday use, which makes it a kitchen finish completely unlike any other.

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