Brighter colours in kitchens can allow your kitchen to feel positive and uplifting. Orange is a vibrant colour which can work in many styles.

Orange offers a confident and enthusiastic appeal to a kitchen. Its bright and flourishing characteristics will allow your kitchen to look luxurious in the light. Orange can work well with all styles.

Orange in contemporary styles will look brilliant. German kitchens will look stunning in orange. The brighter colours will create a vibrant shine on the units. The lighter colour will allow your units to look streamline, and enhance the ‘efficiency’ that German Kitchens are known to offer. High gloss units are popular in orange. The bright orange will enhance the shine as well as create a confidence in your kitchen.

Orange can be used in traditional kitchens as well. Light orange, specifically in a Matt can work beautifully with shaker style kitchens. You can create an organic, natural look. The colours will be balanced and the orange won’t take away attention from the rest of the kitchens. Orange will blend in beautifully with some lighter granites as well.
Veneer and other woods look amazing in orange. Many woods are natural and orangey brown. So painting wood orange will enhance the vein and create a stunning natural appeal to your kitchen.

Why Choose Orange?

Orange is a very positive colour. It is confident and uplifting. It works well with many styles and wont brilliantly with kitchens with a lot of light. It can create a traditional or contemporary look. Overall you can adapt orange to any style you like!

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