Oak Kitchens are beautiful, their stunning grains allow them to enhance natural appeal in traditional kitchens. Oak is strong, durable and competitive in price.

Solid Oak benefits from it open grain, creating a luxuriously unique look to the wood. It further benefits from its nature to look stunning in different styles of kitchens. Because wood can be easily painted, the diversity of the wood is enhanced. Wood looks stunning in traditional and contemporary styles, and it will stay this way given its long durability!

Oak kitchens boast many advantages, firstly, oak is very easy to maintain. They are a long lasting investment, which are durable and strong. Its water resistant quality adds to its overall durability.  Another advantage of using oak in your kitchen is that its appeal is timeless. Oak will never go out of ‘fashion’ and will always look appealing in any kitchen. Oak comes in two main colours.

Red Oak Kitchens

Red Oak is a lighter Oak, with a less expensive price than other oaks. It is a strong material, and is easy to diversify the theme and patterns within the wood. Red Oak kitchens can be used for traditional and contemporary kitchens.

Red oak may be used to create a contemporary feel.

White Oak Kitchens

White Oak kitchens are at the higher end of oak materials. White Oak kitchens are stronger and more durable than their red counterpart. Their natural colour is slightly darker thank Red Oak. White Oak looks stunning in all kitchens, they are popular for both modern and traditional kitchens, so whatever your preference, White Oak will suit your needs.

Why choose Oak Kitchens?

Oak has been the most popular material to use in kitchens for years. So it works! Its looks stunning and luxurious. The key characteristic of Oak is that it can be used for every style. It can even be used to integrate modern and traditional kitchens.  It is also an investment. Its durability is brilliant. Although you may want to polish the seal the wood again, it will last for many years without refurbishment.

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