Satin lacquer finishes is quite a new concept in kitchen design for there are very few kitchen specialists who can propose this design.

The idea of this kitchen door design is to offer a balance between the light neutralizing properties of a matt door and the light reflecting qualities of a high gloss door.

Kitchen designers often work with clients who precisely want the increased feel of space that a gloss finish can produce. However, some clients want to diminish the effect without removing it completely; it is in these situations that the satin lacquer design may become the perfect solution.

The lacquer covering can be thought of as a combination between matt and high gloss, creating a surface finish that could reflect light without creating a mirror image. Should you find yourself ambivalent between two more finishes, you may find the satin lacquer finish as the perfect choice for you.

The satin lacquer quality is extremely smooth and sleek, while increasing a room’s feeling of improved lighting and space but without showing a glass-like finish common seen in glossy reflective surfaces.

This design is extremely high quality and the perfect material for any handle-less kitchen. It is available in an extensive variety of enticing and sophisticated colours.

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