High Gloss Laminate Kitchens

A foil kitchen, or what we also call high gloss laminate kitchen, is the least expensive kind of high gloss kitchen finishes.

This design is produced by vacuum, forming a semi-melted foil above a pre-created substrate. It is then fixed and pressed together so that the foil is continuous on all the external surfaces of the kitchen door.

The gloss laminate doors has 3mm corner radius and are 19mm thick. The foil used within production is exceedingly durable, having been specifically designed to avoid the delaminating of the foil from the substrate and prevent the access of moisture into the door.

The production process guarantees a high quality, visually attractive, and durable finish that’s not only easy to maintain and clean but it is also heat and liquid resistant.

This affordable and durable design is also offered in a wide range of textures and colours, with an impeccable quality finish for an outstanding laminated kitchen design.

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