High Gloss Lacquer Kitchens

High gloss lacquer kitchens are produced by repetitively spraying doors and units with a high quality coloured lacquer. This substance dries out by solvent vaporization to make an exceptionally durable and hard wearing finish, but because it is very thin, the lacquer need be applied in a number of thin coats.

Using advanced robotic technology, the doors and other units are spray coated for five times inside a high-pressure vestibule. The frequent coating produces a considerable depth of colour, and the use of gradually improved coats creates an exceedingly smooth glossy surface, with mirror quality reflections for the ultimate high gloss lacquer finish.

The use of robots guarantee that every fragment of each door gets equivalent depth of coating; in doing so, this significantly increases the quality of the finish over doors of this sort which are usually completed by hand.

Unlike any other high gloss kitchens, our lacquer furniture is low maintenance as the gloss surface makes it so easy and stress-free to clean. All you need is some warm water and a soft, non-abrasive cloth. For more persistent and stubborn marks, a tad amount of washing up liquid should work, though we greatly advise against any aggressive cleaning agents, such as bleach, since harsher products such as this can certainly damage the lacquer.

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