High Gloss Glass Kitchens

This stunning glass finish presents both elegant and stylish design into your home. It comes in any of these different colours such as; brilliant white, cream, black, sepia or blackberry brown. The glass doors are manufactured from 3 millimeter thick laminated-safety glass, fixed into a 16 millimeter support plates which have been specially made for use within a domestic kitchen environment.

This design has a highly reflective finish (very similar to that of a mirror) for the ultimate high gloss surface. This allows the glass to reflect an extreme amount of light back to the kitchen, emphasizing the doors’ gleaming shine, whilst generating an inviting and bright setting.

Developing our German Kitchens from toughened glass guarantees a scratch-resistant surface. Whether you decide to go for a handle-less design or choose between one of the countless stylish handles, glass kitchen doors are the perfect choice for a sophisticated and contemporary kitchen design.

High gloss glass finishes can also be effectively integrated with other textures, finishes, and materials for a truly unique design. This product offers the look that those in search for a modernized and sleek kitchen design may be after.

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