High gloss Acrylic kitchens

Acrylic finish kitchen are greatly recommend for a contemporary and unique style statement within any home.

Acrylic doors are produced from resin, which makes the surface very easy to clean and maintain. We would recommend doing using warm water and an e-cloth. During production, the units and doors are treated with a hardening agent for their exterior surface to be very sturdy as well as scratch-resistant. In addition, the elegant coloured-finish of the acrylic is rich, smooth and guaranteed never to diminish or fade even under extreme sunlight.

The superior quality of these gloss finishes are intended to reflect light in a mirror-like way, from a single direction and is consequently reflected back at the very same angle. That process eliminates any ‘orange peel’ outcome within darker colours and offers a deep, reflective kitchen sparkle.

This design is synthesized in a wide variety of colours, some would be; champagne, high gloss white cream, red, cappuccino, steel blue, sepia brown, anthracite, olive green and aubergine.

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