Designer Kitchens aims to create all types of mood and feelings in all different types of kitchens. Colours are a tool in adapting these characteristics in your kitchen. Darker colours are not as uplifting as lighter colours, but create a luxuriously calming feel to your kitchen.

Different shades of grey can offer different appeals, which will resonate to traditional or contemporary kitchens. You may choose warmer greys, which have a yellow base, which can we used with traditional kitchens and granite worktops. Or you may choose a cool grey, with a blue base, which integrates brilliantly with German and other modern style kitchens.

Grey is typically a darker colour in traditional kitchens. It works brilliantly with all styles and all kitchen worktops. It can integrate with traditional kitchens. Shaker Kitchens work well in Grey. Shaker kitchens in grey offer a calming and elegant finish.

Grey can be used in contemporary kitchen as well. German kitchens in grey will look sharp and streamline. The colour can be used to enhance the shape of the German style. Other contemporary styles such as High Gloss also look stunning in Grey. The darker colour will allow a stunning shine on the units. Grey is a brilliant alternative to black, if black is to dark for your kitchen.

Grey allows you to choose from a wide range of granite worktops, which enhances the traditional attributes in your kitchen. You may also choose from a wide range of quart worktops. This modern addition to your kitchen will look brilliant with high gloss kitchens and German Kitchens.

Why Choose Grey?

Grey isn’t the brightest of colours, and won’t offer a shine like other brighter colours offers. But it will offer a calmer and safer feel to your kitchen. It will integrate brilliantly with almost any look, and will allow you other features in you luxury kitchen to stand out. It will blend in brilliantly with veneers and other materials. Grey may be a simple colour, but will offer a lot more than simplicity!

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