small-kitchensA lot of us do not have the means of acquiring a huge kitchen space, often because our property determine the proportions of the room.

You may have the opportunity to make some structural changes in order to achieve the space you want, but if you have to stick with what you currently have right now, there are plenty of things you can do to make a huge transformation.

Work With Your Layout

L-shaped layouts can work in small kitchen with the appliances (oven and hob). Place the worktop on one side and a sink on the other. If the space allows, you can extend the worktop up to the other side, so as to create a practical breakfast bar. Simply add a couple of bar stools to complete the look.

U-shape designs work significantly well in smaller kitchen areas, as they are ergonomic and features lots of hidden storage. You can even go for a split-level surface to make room for a small dining space.

Single and double galley layouts are also popular in kitchens with long and narrow design. With this, remember that you should have the oven and hob at one end of the worktop, and the sink at the other side.

Define Each Space

Function is one of the most essential thing that you have to consider when planning any kitchen area. Working with a smaller room makes it even more crucial, because the entire space must work in the most efficient way.

Try to define different areas for food prep, cooking and washing, but if it’s not possible to accommodate all, then you may need to use the same areas for different tasks. Careful about your choice of worktops to make sure that the material is well suited for a variety of uses.

Make a List

Before you start buying anything else, it is wise to walk around your kitchen and write down the things you would want to incorporate. Consider the sink area, the appliances you will have to use, the storage, as well as the amount of workspace you would need. These are good starting points to help you plan down your needs and priorities.

Choose The Appliances Wisely

For smaller kitchens, there are actually a lot of good options when it comes to appliances, but as much as possible, go for the slimline designs and things that do not overcrowd your worktop space. They don’t have to be top of the line either, just be sure that they’re safe, economical, and space-saver appliances.

Clear All The Clutter

Lack of worktop space is commonly associated with small kitchen areas, but by placing only the regularly used items on the surface, you will definitely make the most of the whole space. Keep things organized and clutter-free to ensure that no space gets wasted.

For Illumination

Great task lighting can make all the difference to a small kitchen as it helps illuminate the darker spots, all while providing proper lighting for prep and cooking areas. You can also utilize feature lightings to emphasize the open shelving and other interiors to make them appear larger.

Keep Things Simple

Consider what needs to be placed and only keep what you will need for everyday use. Always be realistic with what your kitchen can accommodate and don’t deviate from that plan. Keep the design of the room consistent from the furniture, décor, and flooring to help create the illusion of a bigger and unified space.

Small kitchen areas can also look stylishly practical with careful planning and creative design!

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