Daval Sherwood Kitchen Details

The Sherwood range is the ultimate combination of rustic oak and country styling; a definite timeless design.
Long ago, premium wood was very ‘straight grained’ and people would work so hard to bring out the character of each grain. Here at Daval, we embrace the eccentricities and love to behold every details and stunning wood grain, making sure that each Sherwood door is entirely unique.

This specific design can superbly complement our new American copper finish knobs as well!

Glass doors were incorporated, as well as other striking details such as the curved cabinets in order to add certain elegance; offering a smooth look that would look perfect in almost any room.

Our magic corner solution makes it super stress-free to access all the existing storage space without having to exert so much effort just so you could get a specific utensil; a genuine combination of style and functionality.

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