Daval Bramham Kitchen Details

A contemporary shaker-style in-frame design with sleek door proportions marks this range a stylishly classic design piece; completed with new chrome cup handle and identical knobs.

We aimed to design our oak drawers with soft curved outlines, as well as huge gallery rail so as to maximize the available storage space inside the cupboard. Instead of using a traditional dovetail joints which has limited features when it comes to the amount of adjustments, we opted to go for metal dowel so that we have a three-way adjustment on all our drawers. It’s the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern-day technology!

We also have a wide collection of complementary oak storage options placed within the drawers, such as spice holders, knife blocks, dividing systems and stainless steel jars to ensure a fully functional and organized kitchen.

Pot boards are also a cool way to create a unique focal point in the kitchen space. They are designed as a free standing piece of furniture, or placed on the edge of an island.

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