Colours are vital – At designer kitchen we create more than a kitchen. We create the feel and environment of your kitchen. What is vital in this development is the colour of our kitchen. Colours create different emotions, they make units stand out, and they create a time appeal to your kitchen. Because of this, we can create coloured kitchens in almost every shade and colour, so whatever kitchen style you choose:

Green Coloured Kitchens

Green is becoming a common feature in Luxury Kitchens. Green coloured kitchens are relaxing, calming and integrate brilliantly with natural colours.Green Kitchens can work well with any kitchen. Traditional kitchens, such as shaker look stunning in green. The natural wood in a ‘feel good’ green will create a kitchen with joyful and calming attributes.

Green works with contemporary kitchens, as the combination of green and light creates a kitchen that looks sizable, sleek and luxurious. Green works well with German kitchens, as the green brings out the definition in the worktop, which adds to the streamline effect of the German Kitchen. Gloss also benefits from green. As green works well with light the mirror effect on the gloss is amplified.

Matt green coloured kitchens offer a completely different complexion to other greens. Matt green has a touch of organic qualities, looking natural and environmentally friendly. Matt Green looks absolutely stunning on shaker kitchens and other traditional kitchens. Veneer wood in matt green benefits from both modern and traditional looks, adding balance and ageless appeal to your kitchen.

Granite worktops commonly have touches of green, which would look beautiful with green kitchen units. Having a natural worktop and the earthly colour will make your kitchen pure.

Green Kitchens also benefits from light. Lighting brings of the natural effects of green and allow you kitchen flourish.

White Coloured Kitchens

White Kitchens are one of the most popular colours to have in a kitchen. It is perfect for creating a bright kitchen that flourishes with elegance and class. Luxury kitchens tend to use white to give classy look. Whatever kitchen you choose white looks beautiful. White kitchens create a joyful atmosphere to your kitchen. Traditional kitchens, such as shaker or wood, benefit from a white colour. Shaker kitchens are traditional and natural, the white colour emphasise these qualities and allows your kitchen to look simply beautiful.

High Gloss kitchens tend to use white to emphasise the mirror in the gloss. This contemporary look blends beautifully with German kitchens as white emphasises the definition in the kitchen, allowing you kitchen to look streamline.

Matt White is a stunning colour. As its popularity is growing, matt white will allow you to blend traditional and contemporary looks in one kitchen. Matt absorbs light, which allows maximun light into your kitchen.

White Kitchen are also beneficial because white is the easiest colour to match with flooring and granite worktops. White can be used for traditional and contemporary kitchens, allowing white kitchens to look brilliant with quartz and granite.

Blue Coloured Kitchens

At Designer Kitchens we are renowned for our diversity of colours that we offer kitchens in. We believe that colour is significant in both the aesthetics and feel of your kitchen.

Blue has become a popular colour in Kitchens which work brilliantly in modern or contemporary styles, allowing you to choose whatever type of kitchen you want. Blue creates a confident yet calming charisma. While the kitchen will stand out, blue integrates beautifully with granite and quartz worktops. If you aim to follow a contemporary route, shaker kitchens look stunning in blue. Light blue will emphasise the traditional ‘country’ look and allow light to flourish in your kitchen. Veneer wood also looks brilliant in blue. The blue within the veneer will bring out the grains within the wood, allowing your kitchen to look natural.

If you aim to have a contemporary look, blue will work impressively with High Gloss. High Gloss kitchens looks streamline and sleek. Light will reflect with the blue to allow the edges of the kitchen to look more defined and sharper. This will allow your kitchen to look more spacious.

Blue is a popular colour for German style kitchens. The sleekness and organisation of the blue colour creates a efficiently-beautiful kitchen.

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