Small Kitchens With Modern Designs

Whether you’re still letting a property or just acquired your first home; creating a kitchen that not only looks great but is also fully functional is truly vital, especially if you’re working with a compact space.

Be inspired with these design ideas on how to modernize the look of your kitchen space:

1Utilize a mirror

Utilize a mirror
Is your kitchen area too narrow, or maybe it has no source of any natural light? There’s an ultimate solution for that: Installing a mirrored wall. This makes an illusion that the room is bigger than it actually looks, which makes it feel more luxurious. It also allows light to bounce around the area, which compensates for the lack of natural lighting. Just be sure to order one that perfectly fits the size of your wall.

2Install an island

Install an island
Kitchen islands can easily transform and upgrade any kitchen space, regardless how small it might be. It can function as both additional prep space and your very own dining area if you want to. Some home owners purchase a home with built-in islands, but if yours don’t have any, don’t worry for you can always purchase a separate island or even DIY it. You can find a lot of instructions online on how you can build your very own kitchen island from scratch.

3Homey industrial scheme

Homey industrial scheme
How can you achieve the always trendy industrial design? Simple; by combining different elements and textures, such as metallics and wood. If you want to go for a softer take on the industrial trend though, go for light-toned metals, mismatched wooden chairs, smooth brick-shaped tiles, and ultimately fill the area with lots of greens and other plants for a homey feel. Not all industrial scheme should look dark and gloomy, after all.

4small but modern space

Small but modern space
Truth is, not all of us can afford to buy a huge property with an equally huge kitchen. Most people settle down in the comfort of a small home, but of course, it comes with a small kitchen area too.

But remember, your kitchen may be tiny but it can still look stylish and contemporary. Simply spice up the room by re-painting and upgrading the knobs and handles on all your cabinets (they don’t necessary have to match). Any kitchen, may it be big or small, can instantly transform by using this technique.

5indoor herb garden

Plant some fresh herbs
For the green thumbs and aspiring cooks: this design tip is for you. Try integrating an area solely meant for growing your favourite fresh herbs. You can DIY this project by hanging some mason jars on a wall-mounted board with adjustable metal pipe straps and hooks, or go all-out by creating a herb wall, designed to hold vertical gardens.

Remember, modernizing the look of your small kitchen isn’t as pricey as you may think. With the help of research and your creative skills, you can definitely achieve this task!

Mix and Match The Design Of Your Modern Kitchen

Somehow, most home owners assume that in order to achieve a modern kitchen, everything should always look uniformed. Wherein the cupboards and other kitchen units should look identical so as to keep everything neat, minimal, and organized. That may be true for some, but the modern trend is constantly evolving, that’s why mix-and-matching diverse textures and colours n your kitchen are getting very popular.

Attaining this design feature can sometimes be complex for some people as they have always been accustomed to the norms of uniformity. Not to worry though, proper planning and lots of creative thinking is all you need to pull off this new look that will surely transform your kitchen space.

Below are some of the most stunning design inspirations that you could re-create:

1The multi-purpose area

The multi-purpose area
Combining sleek appliances with wood accents and matte materials is the key to achieving this elegant yet cosy look in your kitchen area. Integrating different elements such as books, fluffy throw pillows, and other kitchen accessories to make your working station a space where your whole family (and even your friends) can sit back and chat while you prepare the meal of the day.

It’s also ideal for families with school-age children as parents can help their kids with homework and/or projects while cooking dinner!

2Always go for contrasting tones

Always go for contrasting tones
If you plan on creating an entire wall full of storage space, think about all the possible designs you could do before purchasing for costly storage units. Opt for something that will stand out from the background. Go for contrasting textures, patterns, and tones that would look seamlessly modern in almost any kitchen setting, but always remember to keep everything balanced and not too cluttered.

3Embrace the diversities

Embrace the diversities
Why would you settle for plain and dull tones when you can go for diverse colours that would surely pop! The owner of this modern kitchen is superbly practical and definitely has impeccable taste for design. Different hues and textures harmoniously combined together in one room, creating a space that’s full of character and interest. It also features handle-less cabinets so as to keep that contemporary vibe.

4Let the island stand out

Let the island stand out
Another fail-safe way of mix and matching colours is by opting for a kitchen island that would perfectly stand out from the crowd. Settle for a bold colour for the island while keeping the background as neutral and muted as possible in order for the colour to easily pop out. Don’ forget to add in some oversized branches for that overall effect.

5The focal point

The focal point
Make the most out of your space by utilizing the length of your walls as a stunning storage area that would also serve as the focal point of your kitchen. Incorporate some sleek white units with wooden textures and some other earthly elements to achieve the look of this simple yet utterly chic, modern kitchen.

Let your imagination and creativity flow! Be inspired with these cleverly styled contemporary spaces.

Transform Your Kitchen With Chalkboard Paint

The kitchen is usually referred to as the heart of the home, so it’s only wise to make it as cosy and creative as you possibly can. There are a lot of ways on how you can stylishly upgrade your space without having to spend a lot of money, however, the easiest one would have to be chalkboard paint.

It’s also very convenient as you can use it to take note of the weekly shopping list, remind yourself of some important chores to do, and even list your kids’ school activities for the whole month so you wouldn’t miss any. Here are some smart ideas on how you can use chalkboard paint in your kitchen:

1Fill up the entire space

Fill up the entire space
A spread of wide chalkboard is the perfect complement to a sleek, contemporary kitchen with a combination of stainless steel appliances and dark-coloured units. It also presents an element of creativity and fun into your modern space.

2Back to school season

Back to school season
Choose a specific area in your kitchen and make it a learning nook for you and your kids. By using a convenient chalkboard paint, you can use this space to teach your child a new word every week or so. You can even use this to help them with their homework or projects while you’re preparing a meal. It’s practical, creative, and a perfect way to bond with your family. Don’t forget to store up plenty of chalk and board wiper so everybody could add their own entries too!

3The creative wall

The creative wall
Revamp an entire wall with a few containers of chalkboard paint, and the result would be an attention-grabbing wall of indoor graffiti that everyone can draw and write with on a daily basis. This is particularly ideal for when you have a toddler in the family, as they can freely express their creativity without you having to worry about anything. If you want a clean slate, simply wipe it all off with a cloth or a board wiper.

4Use it for different things

Use it for different things
Chalkboard paint is an effortless way to customise a lot of features in your kitchen— not just the walls. Anything from old jars, to plant pots, to fridges and even spice containers can be given a chalkboard treatment to create a unique set of display. Be inspired with this magnetic spice containers that uses chalkboard paint for labelling. Easy and convenient, don’t you think?

5The industrial chic

The industrial chic
If your space has a lot of bare walls and a mixture of industrial-schemed elements, then why not incorporate a floor-length chalkboard wall to create an ambiance of warmth and cosiness to the area. Have plenty of coloured chalk to enhance the vibrant atmosphere as well.

6Some side notes

Some side notes
A standard-sized chalkboard installed in one area of your kitchen can be simultaneously filled with shopping lists and scribbles. Just be sure to position the board at a child-friendly height for them to be able to add their own contribution.

7The kitchen backdrop

The kitchen backdrop
A full-length chalkboard is also a stylish backdrop for bachelor pads and urban lofts. This easy decorating tool helps to generate a relaxed and laid-back environment into your space without looking too bold and overwhelming.

Experiment these ideas and give your space a touch of style and creativity without having to spend a lot of money!

Family-Friendly Kitchen Designs

These family-friendly kitchen layouts make it completely manageable for you to prepare dinner whilst spending time with the whole family, and even with some friends around. Creating a modern and functional space also allows you to help your children with their day-to-day school works without having to go to their individual rooms.

Discover some design inspirations that you and your family will truly enjoy. Simply browse through these modern kitchen layouts:

1Opt For An Open Space

Opt For An Open Space
A continuous space like this enables you to talk with your family members all while preparing and cooking your daily meals. Aside from its gorgeous aesthetics, opting for an open space layout allows you to have a spacious zone where friends could come over and enjoy your company.

2Practicality and Functionality

Practicality and Functionality
Change up your kitchen space into something like this. Incorporate a multi-functional unit in the middle of the room which will serve as a dining area, as well as a study nook for your kids. By doing so, you could supervise your children’s works while preparing for a meal. Remember to choose a worktop surface that could be easily cleaned as multi-functional zones tend to be messy at times.

3Dine and Play Zone

Dine and Play Zone
Want to go all-out? Why not integrate a built-in mini slide and play area within the dining space. This offers a great zone for you and your children to have fun before or after meal times. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling bookcase lets you store your child’s favourite toys and books which you could easily access. It also adds a stunning statement design, don’t you think?

4Comfy Dining and Living Space

Comfy Dining and Living Space
This home layout was made to achieve absolute comfort with friends and family. With its light and pastel colour scheme, wooden details, perfect lightning, and overall cosy vibe; it is the perfect relaxation spot for everyone to enjoy.

5Connect With The Outdoors

Connect With The Outdoors
An open planned home setting is one thing– having a connected kitchen and outdoor area is another. The owners of this chic and modern kitchen stylishly designed the space to accommodate big crowd. It’s the perfect venue for family gatherings! The huge glass windows also allows natural light to flood the entire space.

6The Child-friendly Unit

The Child-friendly Unit
Let your children hang around and assist you with the kitchen work, so they would feel involved with the chore. This also offers a great space for learning and bonding since an uninterrupted unit such as this allows more space for more people.

Exhibit your creativity and imagination as you design the perfect kitchen space that your whole family would love to spend time on.

How To Improve The Look Of Your Kitchen Galley

Galley kitchens were named after the small kitchens found on most ships. Basically, it’s a hallway lined with appliances, cabinets, and all essential utensils needed for cooking. Most kitchen galleys can come off as dark, tiny places on which people may feel confined and claustrophobic.

However, the design ideas for kitchen galleys have come a long way. There are now numerous ways on how you can bring personality and life into such a small kitchen. Check out these ways on how to improve and modernize the look and feel of your kitchen galley:

1The Tiny Booth

The Tiny Booth
One unfortunate challenge when you have a kitchen galley is the high chance of bumping into someone, especially when you have more than one cook in the kitchen. The solution to that problem is replacing some cabinets with a convenient booth, so other people can easily keep you company without getting in your way while you prepare the food. It’s a win-win solution, right?

2Utilize The Open-shelves

Utilize The Open-shelves
Yes, open shelves are still trendy and will never go out of style. In a modern kitchen galley setting, opting for open shelves instead of the usual set of cabinets ensures that you have enough storage space in the room without overcrowding the area. Also, it will make the room seem bigger and well-ventilated without that thick wall of boxes, and you’ll then have all that space for styling and decorating.

3The Pretty Lights

The Pretty Lights
While big windows in modern kitchen areas are always a desired feature, sometimes you have to settle with artificial yet efficient lighting. After all, you should never make do with a dark galley kitchen. Mount some pretty pendant lights or chandeliers that will help brighten up the whole space. It’s good for task lighting and design statement!

4Eclectic Design Combination

Eclectic Design Combination
All modern kitchens should have a stove and a fridge– even the kitchen galleys. Plus, you’ll probably want to add in a microwave and a toaster to amp up its function. Instead of going for the usual design, purchase the ones that has a unique style and colour scheme. This can definitely boost the décor of the whole area without taking up any more space than necessary.

5Combine Different Textures

Combine Different Textures
In this posh kitchen galley, diverse textures and materials were used, yet all of them seem to complement each other very well. Matt cabinets paired with raw wood and high-tech appliances never looked so good!

Be inspired with these modern kitchen galley ideas for your next kitchen revamp!

DIY Ideas For Your Next Kitchen Upgrade

Truth be told, kitchen upgrades can really be expensive, which is why a lot of design lovers opt for DIY projects when it comes to home décors and improvement.

If hiring a contractor for an all-out kitchen revamp is not in your budget, don’t worry because we got lots of DIY ideas for you to play with. From backsplash projects to simple makeover of your kitchen cabinets, the possibilities are endless. Browse through for a collection of DIY kitchen upgrades that proves function and style can definitely go hand in hand.

1Makeover for your counter

Makeover for your counter
Your kitchen worktops can set the bar for your entire culinary area. However, if your budget doesn’t allow a total makeover, then do a partial one. Concrete creates a modern, neutral finish and it can also be directly applied to your current worktop to give it a fresh new look without breaking the bank.

2The Backsplash Solution

The backsplash solution
Sometimes a little bit of paint is all it takes to completely transform your space. This stunning teal colour not only adds a unique, classic style to your kitchen, it’s affordable too! Top it off with a metallic faucet for that chic and contrasting look.

3Faux marble worktop

Fake it ’til you make it
Here’s a thought: would you ever want to paint your own kitchen counters? Sounds terrifying right? Even so, this faux marble painted worktop is the perfect example of a seamless DIY project that could save you lots and lots of money instead of actually buying a marble slab. It only takes patience and practice to do the job right.

4Upgrade your cabinets

Upgrade those cabinets
When you’re on a tight budget and your kitchen cabinets are just looking drab and less than desirable, the best way to carry on a stylish upgrade is to simply paint them with a fresh coat of light-toned colour. Also, be sure to protect your worktops before painting your cabinets.

5Change out the knobs

Change out the knobs
Opting to upgrade even one element in your kitchen can make a huge difference, especially when you know how to prioritize. Why not try to boost the style of your knobs and drawer handles for a subtle yet creative look? You can never go wrong with this technique.

6Attention to details

Attention to details
Even a simple upgrade such as a hanging pot rack or a wall grid can certainly add style and function to your kitchen by freeing up cabinet and counter space.

Research, creativity, and practice is essential when doing a DIY project. Be inspired with these ideas for your next kitchen revamp!

Classic-Contemporary Kitchen Designs

More and more home owners are craving for a hint of ‘traditional style’ to break up the monotony of contemporary aesthetics and modern minimalism.

These gorgeous kitchens definitely feels like the perfect solution to make that dream a reality. In a world where the kitchen is the heart and soul of the home, it makes perfect sense to make it feel like a natural extension of the living area. Be inspired with these style designs and functional solutions that will surely transform your culinary experience.

1led lights and floating shelves

Opt for smart floating shelves to display your kitchen accessories or even your dish wares, and add some LED lighting for that added flare and task light.

2 Tiled walls with wooden backsplash

This contemporary kitchen mastered the art of classic design by combining tiled walls and with wooden cabinets. It also has a certain minimalistic vibe into it.

3 wall mounted units

Wall-mounted units are always a good idea if you want to boost the visuals and storage space of your kitchen. Keep everything neatly designed and organized to achieve a uniformed look.

The most noticeable feature of these kitchens is the ‘frame door’ that mixes the traditional kitchen door design and a dash of Shaker-style furniture with minimal and contemporary refinement. The fusion is certainly dramatic and spectacular as these tasteful additions give the kitchen an entirely new look. It also sets it apart from other mainstream contemporary kitchen designs in today’s market.

4 kitchen with breakfast bench

This modern space integrated a breakfast bench and a lovely wooden backsplash to create a cosy feel to the area. You can always add a dining area in one corner so you can accommodate more guests.

5 blend in with the living area

A kitchen with a minimal design such as this can seamlessly blend in with any living area. It’s perfect for hosting gatherings with your family and friends, as people can easily walk in and out in between spaces without feeling cramped.

Apart from the stunning LED lighting, iconic frame doors, sleek floating shelves, and custom backsplashes; space-saving islands and ergonomic breakfast stations also allows you to create your dream kitchen with complete ease.

Let your kitchen speak volume of your personal style and glamour!

Contemporary Designs For Your Kitchen

Commonly known as the centre of any home, the kitchen is the only place where everyone gathers around and spend time with each other. Creating a space that’s both functional and lounge-friendly can be quite a challenge for some home owners, particularly when their space is limited.

Truth is, it only takes decent planning and painstaking research to create a fully functional and visually appealing kitchen area that your family and friends will enjoy. Listed below are some of the trendiest kitchen layouts which could help you attain the full potential of your contemporary kitchen.

Proper Planning

Proper Planning
The over all look of this kitchen exudes modern design and seamless planning.

The layout of the kitchen extends out into the outer deck and through the glass doors, which creates an illusion of a much larger space. Opting for mirrored backsplash also added an interest to the design. Keeping the storage space neat by going for handle-less units rather than mounting open shelving, makes a much more streamlined feel to this stunning kitchen.

Style and Function

Style and Function
A modern kitchen island like this is both practical and stylish. Instead of installing enclosed cabinets, the owners opted to mount an open storage. This way, all the pans and other utensils are neatly arranged within reach. By doing such, food preparation becomes so much easier. This layout also serves as a stunning focal point of the entire home.

Opt For A Galley

Opt For A Galley
This kitchen’s monochromatic scheme is strikingly accented with the sleek built-in appliances that makes light bounce around the space. Natural light effortlessly enters through the glass ceiling, adding a bit of character to the room. The owners of this contemporary home also chose to keep the worktops and other units gleaming white, so as to keep things neat and minimal. After all, a narrow space such as this can easily get crowded.

The Urban Home

The Urban Home
Luxurious textures and eye-popping units made this whole kitchen look strangely large. An outstanding centre island was cleverly installed, that also serves as functional space divider. This allows enough room for preparing a meal, as well as dining with loved ones. Towering windows allow natural light to flood the entire area, too. Not to mention the stunning view of the urban world outside.

Displaying The Dish-wares

Displaying The Dish-wares
Putting up your lovely dish-wares on display definitely adds style into the room.

By installing some sturdy open shelves that would be enough to hold the weight of all the things you intend to place, you certainly maximize their function into something more than just mere utensils. You can also incorporate some pieces of accessories such as ceramics and even fresh foliage to give it a bit of life and colour.

Be inspired with these contemporary kitchen layouts! Let us know what you think.

Space-Saving Kitchen Designs

Everyone wants to have a kitchen space that’s fully functional while still being stylish. Still, having enough room to move around and to fit everything in your own kitchen, no matter how big or small that might be, is the ultimate end goal.

If you’re looking for some space-saving ideas, have a look at these functional kitchen designs that you don’t want to miss:

1The dark appeal

The dark appeal
This kitchen has a dark, modern appeal that leans toward an industrial look enhanced by metallic elements, rich coloured woods, and towering cabinets. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry makes it harder for people to reach the top shelves, which is why the home owners opted to incorporate a ladder for easy access.

2Compact space

Compact space
Spread across 30 square meters, this particular apartment was designed to accommodate the needs of a young couple while fully maximizing every nook and cranny of this compact home. Much as in the case of any other small space, smart planning and wise organizational skills are key to making it work. Wall divisions were also taken down to create one large, open area where the living space and the small kitchen meets.

3The urban living

The urban living
Here is a small, beautiful home that steals the spotlight with its space-saving design solutions and contemporary style with lots of natural lighting. This stylish apartment was recently renovated and remodeled to suit the lifestyle of the modern, urban owner. Since there is no room to waste here, an open-plan space ensures that every inch is put to use; complete with a fully functional kitchen and a mini dining area.

4Reclaimed wood pieces

Reclaimed wood pieces
Integrating reclaimed wood to the kitchen is all about determining what works best in your home. For some, reclaimed timber could jazz up their kitchen counters, while others may opt for wood flooring or open-shelving as well. But really, it all depends on your own style. This kitchen simply integrated some reclaimed wood to their existing kitchen island to boost its charm, and the wooden cabinets were painted soft grey for an elegant touch.

5Incorporate some metallics

Incorporate some metallic
The more neutral the look of your home has, the greater will be the demand for finishes and accents that add layers of character and style. Lately, bold metallic accents quickly became the ‘hottest trend’ in the world of décor and design, especially in the kitchen area. This particular kitchen opted for an all-white theme while incorporating a luxe metallic backsplash that looks really exquisite. It definitely enhanced the minimalist look of this compact space.

Which of these space-saving ideas would you like to try out? Explore our blog to find more design you can experiment on.