How to Clean and Maintain Your High Gloss Kitchen Surface

We spend so much time and money beautifying and upgrading our home kitchens that we sometimes fail to remember that it’s the busiest room in the house. It will be subject to constant wear and tear and to heavy foot traffic, among other things. So if it’s your first time purchasing a kitchen or you plan on sprucing it up for the upcoming New Year, then bear in mind if your chosen kitchen design and materials are easy to clean and maintain.

It doesn’t matter if you have bought and installed the most expensive materials and finishes, but you failed to maintain them, leaving them to lose their shine and lustre. Instead of looking luxurious and clean, you’ll have a worn-out kitchen that is unappealing to your family and guests. Make an informed decision by understanding how to keep your kitchen free from spills, dust and other dirt and maintain its well-deserved grandeur.

One of the major decisions you have to make is picking out kitchen finishes, the most common and popular being a matt or high gloss kitchen finish. Each finish holds their own appeal to homeowners, and they prefer one over the other.

So if you’re opting for a high gloss finish, it is worth noting that this particular type of finish can make fingerprints, scratches and other marks easily visible, particularly in darker-coloured finishes. But this definitely shouldn’t put you off from choosing this finish. You just need the right cleaning know-how in your arsenal to tackle everyday kitchen use.

An easy high gloss surface maintenance requires a combination of 3 factors: using the best cleaning device, cleaning solution and cleaning technique. The following is a look at each of the aforementioned factors to help you in your kitchen cleaning battle.

Using the best kitchen cleaning device

Creates the illusion of a bigger space

Different gloss materials have different resistant properties. But abrasive materials still should never be used on these surfaces as it could potentially cause damage. Instead, high gloss surfaces should only be cleaned using a soft microfibre cloth, which is readily available in supermarkets.

A microfibre cloth is anti-scratch, so you won’t have to worry about this material leaving marks on your modern kitchens surface. It is made of tiny synthetic fibres which are smaller than those found in a regular cleaning cloth. The smallest speck of dust and dirt attaches to the thousands of tiny fibres, making sure the cleaning cloth doesn’t miss a thing.

Using the best cleaning solution

Easy to Clean

If you think you have to head out to the store and get some high-end cleaning products that would leave you wondering why you had to have a high gloss kitchen surface, then think again! All you need is water. Yes, that’s right. Water. Lukewarm water is the best possible solution for your cleaning needs.

However, other kitchen companies recommend the use of cleaning agents or using soapy water with the microfibre cloth. But it is not advisable. Why? Strong chemicals are found in detergents, which could lead to damages on the glossy finish, not to mention your skin.

Using the right technique

High Gloss Kitchen

Using the best technique leaves your surface clean. So using a microfibre cloth, dip it in lukewarm water, wring it until lightly damp. Remember not to over soak the cloth as it will reduce its effectiveness and could leave behind residual marks and smears on your once glossy surface once it has dried up.

With an “S” motion, gently wipe the surface. If there are tougher stains, you will have to employ some elbow grease. To maintain your glossy surface, immediately clean any spill or stain. Don’t let it dry.

By incorporating all 3 factors, you’ll be able to maintain your high gloss kitchens surfaces and be the envy of neighbours and friends. Keeping its shine isn’t hard. You just need the right tools and knowledge. So go ahead and upgrade your kitchen just in time for the holiday season!

How to Clean Granite Worktops [Infographic]

The Dos and Don’ts of Granite Kitchen Worktops

A growing number of homeowners are turning to natural stones to increase their home’s value and aesthetic appeal. This is no surprise since natural stones are a form of investment. And one of the leading natural stone worktop materials is granite.

Not only are granite worktops appealing, but also they are durable and strong. They come in a wide array of colours that easily matches any kitchen theme, from traditional to minimalist to modern kitchen decor.

But like any other form of investment, granite kitchen worktops need to be properly cared for and maintained so that it could last for generations. A regular maintenance plan keeps the granite slabs lustrous and strong as the day they were properly installed in the kitchen.

Although granite is durable substance, certain precautions should still be taken to protect it from chipping or any further damage. The infographic below details the dos and don’ts on how to clean granite worktops. Learn from the infographic to keep your investment in top shape. Little daily habit could spell the difference between a bright and shiny worktop from a dull one.

How to clean granite worktops

The Benefits of Installing German Kitchen Brands

When it comes to buying or updating your home kitchen, you have tons of designs, themes and layouts to choose from, let alone the vast choices of kitchen appliances available in the market. You also need to consider your current available space as well as your need for a practical and efficient kitchen that suits your family.

One of the hottest kitchens in the market today is the German kitchen, offering clean lines yet combines a modern and timeless look. Additionally, there are other benefits of installing a German kitchen for your lovely home, which fits not only your family’s needs but also your budget.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits German kitchens provide.

“Made in Germany” reputation

Germany is known for its reputation worldwide in making the most efficient machines people could ask for. This includes kitchens that are not only beautiful but also are backed up with German engineering that is renowned worldwide for durability and strength.

german kitchen brands style


While your kitchen’s quality and layout are of utmost importance, you also would want continuity in your kitchen’s theme. Fortunately, German kitchens offer a wide array of interior design, colours and other specifications that will easily match your kitchen’s design.

Whether you are looking for a classic wood finish or a more modern gloss-coloured unit, you’ll definitely find something that suits your needs. Of course, these different styles come with different price tags, meaning you need not break the bank to have your ideal finish.

german kitchen brands flexibility


One of the great things about a German kitchen is flexibility, for example, your choice of cabinetry. Each unit can be specifically made for you and customised to suit your choice of height to an easy and comfortable kitchen use.

Furthermore, well-thought-out touches to your chosen cabinets really make a difference, such as latches for simultaneous opening of hidden drawers. German kitchen brands also offer innovating space-saving solutions as well as clever lighting options, which make them stand out among other kitchen brands.

Investing in German kitchens offer you peace of mind because you are assured they will stand the test of time. They leave the factories as rigid-built, having passed vigilant quality control tests. Germans constantly strive for excellence and improvement so that their kitchens meet changing consumer demands in the years to come.

If you want kitchens with premium quality and excellent design, you can’t go wrong with German kitchen brands. These kitchens will definitely become your home’s centrepiece. And such durability means you can enjoy your kitchen without seeing it crumbling after everyday wear and tear.


Modern Kitchen Layout Guide [Infographic]

A modern kitchen is not defined these days as purely for cooking purposes. It has evolved into a platform where family members, friends and guests can socialise. Therefore, modern-day kitchens have to add comfortable spaces and increase clearances.

That is why careful planning should go into creating a modern layout for your dream kitchen design, and the most important element in planning is the kitchen triangle. This imaginary straight line determines how easy it will be too move from the centre of the sink to centre of the cooktop to centre of the refrigerator and back to the centre of the sink. Additionally, the work triangle or “zones,” as others refer to it, will make cooking, eating and socialising in the kitchen easier for the family and guests.

Modern kitchen layouts include L-shape, U-shape, Gallery or Corridor, One-wall, G-shape, and the Island. The infographic below details the advantages and disadvantages of the modern-day kitchen layouts including tips on how to maximise the use of space for an efficient and functional home kitchen.


Modern Kitchen Layout Guide

Outdoor Kitchen Design Fundamentals [Infographic]

Take your home entertainment skills to the next level by building your own outdoor kitchen. There’s nothing more fun and comforting than smelling food being grilled, cooking outside and feeding hungry family and friends.

An outdoor space is an excellent way to use the backyard to entertain guests and to have some quality time with family together with your pets. These typically range from small areas with a built-in grill to a fully equipped kitchen complete with bars, storage cabinets and more than one grill.

Make the most of your dream outdoor space by equipping yourself with the right knowledge and tools. But most importantly, you need to carefully plan ahead before executing any home improvement project because planning is everything.

By planning every single step, you’ll avoid mistakes that could cost you anywhere from a few pounds to thousands. You’d rather spend time planning than expensively spending correcting mistakes that have been missed on the process of completing your home improvement project.

The infographic below details the fundamental aspects your outdoor space needs so that the experience of bringing life to a dull outdoor space is fun and exciting. You will appreciate more your outdoor kitchen if you had fun in the process of completing it.

Outdoor Kitchen Fundamentals

Functional Accessories For The Kitchen

Contrary to what everyone believes, there’s actually a lot more activities that go on in the kitchen than just cooking and preparing a meal. For many homeowners, the kitchen is the space where they spend their time not only for eating, but also for reading, entertaining, relaxing, and even working! With all that activity taking place in one area, your kitchen worktops will undoubtedly be cluttered after just a few days.

So if you’re tired of continually finding bottles, containers, packages of food, dirty dishes, junk mails, your kids’ homework, and all sorts of random things being placed on the kitchen counters far too often, then maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your storage.

Here are some simple, but efficient ways on how you can maximise the surface area of your worktops, but still keep it functional!

1marble kitchen tray

2kitchen tray

Stylish Kitchen Trays
A beautiful decorative tray can really make a big difference in your kitchen. Instead of sprawling out all the things you often use across the counter or shoving them into a corner, try storing them all together in one tray. Place the taller items in the back, and the shorter ones up front for easy access. You can even use larger or longer wood trays if you’ve got a lot of things to keep organised in one place.

3kitchen tieres

4kitchen tiered stands

Try the Tiered Stands
Kitchen trays can only give you so much flat surface to work with, but tiered kitchen stands can provide you with extra layers of it. Also, when you style them in a way that complements the rest of your theme or decor, they can look very striking. Another great idea is to use a tiered stand for storing some of your fresh fruits and herbs. You can also use them to stock cutlery or dishes for more convenience.

5kitchen jars

6jars for your kitchen

Convenient Canisters and Jars
Keeping all your kitchen materials in your cabinets always seems like a good idea at first — until you realise that those dark, confined spaces are a huge pain to deal with when overcrowded. If you bake or often cook for your family, try using large ceramic canisters or glass jars instead, and line them up neatly. Utilize them to store sugar, flour, pasta noodles, cookies, nuts, cereal, biscuits, or any other favourite ingredient that you can fit in there.

7 kitchen baskets

8kitchen baskets

Beautiful Kitchen Baskets
Similar to kitchen trays, baskets make an excellent addition to any kitchen worktops, and the best thing about them is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes! You can choose a basket that looks like a tray or opt for larger-sized ones with some depth to them. Smaller ones are also excellent for keeping all those tiny things organised, so you always know where to find them.

9hanging mason jars

10wooden storage


The Hangable Solutions
As much as you try to maximise your kitchen space and keep your worktops free from any disarray — there will always be a limit to how much you can do before they start looking cluttered again. If this is a problem you’re currently dealing with, then you may have to get a little more creative. You can try fastening mason jars to the bottoms of your cupboards or hanging some small baskets to your backsplash area, and even mounting a wooden pole that you can use along with some removable hooks! That will certainly do the trick.

What’s your favourite way of keeping your kitchen worktops neat and organised? Feel free to try out the storage ideas featured above!

Luxury Kitchens: How to Hide Seams in Natural Stone Kitchen Islands

Natural stone islands in any luxury kitchens are popular points of interest providing both form and function. However, with the available cut sizes of natural stones, your kitchen island’s size can be somewhat limited. Large islands are hard to achieve without having visible seams running right down the middle of the stone.

Although concealable to a certain degree, seams are ugly and can ruin an expensive piece of stone if not done properly. Aside from being unsightly, seams can be felt on any surface, and they are cumbersome to clean. So if you decide to use natural stone for that huge kitchen island of your dreams, then careful planning is a must.

Wooden natural luxury kitchen islands

Bear in mind that on average, natural stone slabs are less than 10 feet long and smaller than 6 feet wide. So if your design calls for a bigger size, then you will have to accept that seams will be present. Stone slabs larger than 79 inches long are extremely rare and come at a premium should one become available. Of course, you can place a special order for custom sizes, but again, cost becomes a big factor.

Sometimes also, the design has nothing to do with it.  Logistics and the occasional awkward location will dictate in what form, shape or size your stone slab be before it can be used.  This will eventually contribute to the final look of your natural stone slab. Consider using natural stone slabs that conceal seams better than others like quartz, for example. Quartz surfaces conceal seams like no other stone surface, as long as you don’t mind the slight colour difference coming from using two different slabs, then you should be ok.

Kitchen island white glacier luxury kitchens

Breaking up the surface on purpose can also be a good solution to this problem. Inserting a different material to break up the surface can be a very attractive way to conceal necessary seams.

Wood is one suitable material that can be incorporated to your slab to provide a different look to your surface while providing additional functionality.  Incorporating a totally different stone to the overall length or width of the surface can also conceal seams or make seams part of the overall look of the stone’s surface.

Granite worktop island luxury kitchens

Whatever method you choose, early planning and strategizing on how your stone surface will finally look goes a long way to come up with a luxury kitchen island that you can be proud of.

Luxurious Designs For Your Kitchen

Looking to bring a fresh, new appearance to your culinary space? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Here are some kitchen design ideas that perfected the harmony of rich textures and sleek finishes that made them look stunningly luxurious.

Browse through these luxury kitchens and be inspired to create your very own:

Modern twist on the classics

Modern twist on the classics
Structural beauty, uniqueness, geometric diversity and a hint of vintage vibe are now the sought-after qualities in an invitingly beautiful kitchen. Unlike many other modern kitchen designs that goes toward the ultra-glossy finish, this kitchen is meticulously crafted down to the every last detail. One can instantly notice the high-quality craftsmanship by taking a look at the worktop, the kitchen island, as well as the tall cabinets that enhances the storage options of the room.

Custom-made to fit your needs

Custom-made to fit your needs
The kitchen is certainly the heart and soul of our homes, and it also doubles as a cosy gathering place for the entire family. The ideal kitchen should have the perfect blend of style, function and storage solutions. Designed with an immaculate style and various textures, this luxury kitchen will instantly appeal those homeowners who love minimalist interiors.

Mastering the art of open-plan design

Mastering the art of open-plan design
The idea of dimming the lines between individual spaces to create one seamless living environment is a favourite theme among homeowners who live the contemporary lifestyle. With this idea, open-plan homes are born with the kitchen as its social zone. This kitchen embraces this trend of a living room and kitchen that become one in terms of aesthetics and function.

Bring in the sleek steel

Bring in the sleek steel
Stainless steel worktops and counters are becoming more and more popular these past years, but if you want a stunning kitchen that is completely clad in stainless steel, then consider the smooth style and practicality of this sleek kitchen. This gorgeous space smoothly combines classic design with modern style trends, and it is all about expressing your culinary brilliance with a hint of steel.

The modular living

The modular living
The trend of extending the living area into the kitchen itself and turning two spaces into a welcoming and relaxing social hub is catching on quite rapidly. The popularity of open floor plans and the need to utilise all available space are becoming a favourite thing. Creating a fluid space between the living and the kitchen area allows a luxurious look that can be custom-made and modified to the specific needs of your property and its unique floor plan.

So what are you waiting for? Let your creativity shine through and create a kitchen that will last a lifetime.

Stylish Layouts For Small Kitchens

Every kitchen needs a space where people can eat and enjoy the meal. But what if your home doesn’t have enough room for a standard-sized dining set? Relax, grab a drink, and take some time to re-evaluate how much space you’ve got in your kitchen area. No matter how compact it may be, it can still look modern and stylish; you just have to start thinking creatively.

Be inspired with some of these bright ideas on how to create your very own version of a dining area, even with a small kitchen:

Sacrifice some space

Sacrifice some space
Do you desperately want to have somewhere to comfortably sit, but can’t squeeze in any table in the room? There’s a simple solution for that: sacrifice some of your cupboard space so you can slip in a couple of modern bar stools like these. You can actually save so much space by doing this simple hack. The only problem is, this particular idea will be effortless enough to execute when dealing with a new kitchen layout, but renovating an existing kitchen could take some time and money, thus, making it a bit difficult for some.

2The table for two

The table for two
Dining in a room that’s only wide enough to squeeze in a few slim cabinets on one side and a tiny space on the other can be a bit tight for some home owners. Nevertheless, with careful planning, a streamlined eating area could be set in the room.

Just like buying any other furniture, you need to estimate the table size that would perfectly fit the space without blocking any cabinet doors and even the alleyway. Likewise, it would be wise to pick a couple of lightweight seats which are suitable enough to move so that you can rearrange them whenever you need to. This provides you with the adequate area for dining, without having to occupy too much space.

3Opt for an overhang worktop

Opt for an overhang worktop
Another simple yet truly impressive method of incorporating a dining space in your kitchen is by extending the worktop. This allows enough overhang to fit in two stools underneath. Bear in mind that this is not about creating lots of dining space, but instead, transforming your functional kitchen into a cosy and stylish area as well.

4Go with lean units

Go with lean units
A narrow, rectangular-shaped worktop could also function as your dining space, just like how the home owners of this modern kitchen opted to. Aside from that, you could also make it as a work surface when preparing meals and ingredients. Opting for slimmer units guarantees that there will still be plenty of room to walk around the area. This technique leaves you with a stylish and functional kitchen.

5The cosy nook

The cosy nook
To avoid having a small kitchen that makes you feel stuffy, stick to neutral tones with lots of earthy elements. Keep the design as seamless as possible by placing a simple table near a tall window that enables plenty of natural light to flood the entire room. Lastly, don’t forget to incorporate some fresh plants to your kitchen to provide a relaxing vibe.

With a little bit of creative thinking, designing, and proper planning, you can definitely achieve a stylish layout for your small, yet modern kitchen!