Blue has become a popular colour in Kitchens which work brilliantly in modern or contemporary styles, allowing you to choose whatever type of kitchen you want.

Blue creates a confident yet calming charisma. While the kitchen will stand out, blue integrates beautifully with granite and quartz worktops. If you aim to follow a contemporary route, shaker kitchens look stunning in blue. Light blue will emphasise the traditional ‘country’ look and allow light to flourish in your kitchen. Veneer wood also looks brilliant in blue. The blue within the veneer will bring out the grains within the wood, allowing your kitchen to look natural.

If you aim to have a contemporary look, blue will work impressively with High Gloss. High Gloss kitchens looks streamline a sleek. Light will reflect with the blue to allow the edges of the kitchen to look more defined and sharper. This will allow your kitchen to look more spacious.

Blue is a popular colour for German style kitchens. The sleekness and organisation of the blue colour creates a efficiently-beautiful kitchen.

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