Turn Up the Style in Your First Kitchen

Whether you rent or own your first home, you will wish for this room to look great and be functional; that’s how vital the kitchen is. Changing units and remounting the lighting is probably not applicable right now if you already have stretched your budget to acquire your first place or are paying a landlord […]

A Designer’s Way to Transform Your Kitchen Space

There is so more to having a remarkable kitchen space than simply fitting and designing it; it’s the little details that could upgrade the whole look. With more and more people wanting an open-plan living and adding extensions to their homes, the kitchen have progressively become more vital to the feel and look of the […]

Add Some Vintage Flair To Your Kitchen Space

Vintage items and antiques have an irresistible charm that makes them perfect when you wish to add a dash of personality and character to a room. By integrating some vintage pieces with modern appliances, you can stylishly change your kitchen into a room where you can spend time and entertain guests, rather than just a […]

Clever Details to Give Your Kitchen a Styling Edge

These smart improvement and little tweaks inspired by the finest designs, will surely give your kitchen a style and efficiency boost! Assembling a magnificently designed kitchen is high on many homeowners’ wish list, but the cost can be rather unreasonable. However, once you dig dipper, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to make use […]

Brighten Up Your Cooking Space with Colorful Appliances

Deviate from the usual white, black, and silver appliances and upgrade your kitchen space with a splash of lively colours instead! Perfect white spaces may be lovely to look at, but if it seems like your kitchen lacks a bit of life, combining some colourful appliances might be just the thing to jazz up the […]

Modern and Stylish White Schemes for Your Kitchen

White can act as an elegant backdrop or even be the main piece of a room. Its versatility works well with almost everybody’s preference by styling it up or designing it down. A white kitchen will always be a classic sleek style that goes well with any size of working space; it can open up […]

Jazz up Your Kitchen with Mix and Match Trend

Let your imagination flow with endless possibilities of designs, materials, colours, and contemporary pieces that will make your kitchen the star of the house. Latest design rules are becoming more bold and adventurous by integrating trendy materials, mixing hues, and adding artwork pieces to the kitchen space. This development works in every style of kitchen […]

How to Select the Best Splashback

Splashbacks protect your walls and adds a stylish character in your kitchen area. You can incorporate texture and pattern in your chosen splashback, as well as colour to intensify the look. Now the question is what material best suit for your space? Its purpose before was merely practical. A tile-covered area behind the sink and […]

How to illuminate Your Kitchen for Utmost Glow

Merge practical lighting with trendy features for a kitchen that’s not only functional, but cozy and stylish as well. Kitchen lighting is as important as the other rooms on your property, especially that most of us dine and relax in there as well. High-quality lighting for food preparation and cooking is a must, but that […]