Ask kitchens are very popular and now many luxury kitchens use Ash wood, a stunning material that has strength like oak but has more consistency in the grain. Its streamline look makes it popular within contemporary kitchen.

Wooden Ash kitchens are usually designed in three ways.

Medium density fibreboard. (MDF)

MDF is designed by the combination of wood fibers and a pressurised adhesive to create a strong panel.  Paint or gloss can then be added to this to add further character to the wood. MDF is very popular here at Designer Kitchens. As we fit a variety of kitchens, the versatile nature of MDF wood allows us to design kitchen the way you want. MDF is also efficient in price and production, its prices are competitive and production is eco friendly.


Plywood is very popular within the production of kitchen units. It is created by pilling layers of wood that are glued very tightly. This layered material is strong and dense, so durability is a benefit.

Particle board

Particle board is an engineered wood. Wood chips and particles are fused together to create panels. These panels are strong, durable and dense. They have similar advantages to MDF. Their versatile nature allows us to diversify your kitchen to look traditional or contemporary

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